Summer Program

Our summer program is designed to allow summer associates to explore any areas of our practice, experience client meetings, corporate closings, court hearings, depositions and trials, and work with many of the firm's attorneys. Each summer associate is assigned to an "anchor" case or transaction that he or she follows closely through the summer, while also working with other attorneys on other matters. The goal is for summer associates to end the summer with a sense of what practicing as an attorney at Irell & Manella is really like.

Summer associates also take part in special training programs on trial practice, contract drafting, legal research and writing techniques, and practical pointers for those who are interested in clerking. They have the opportunity to participate in a mock wrongful death trial of Wyatt Earp that is tried to a jury and presided over by a retired federal judge. Each summer, many of our summer associates handle pro bono matters and community service projects, including adoption proceedings for needy children and their adoptive families.

Another purpose of Irell & Manella's summer program is for summer associates to get acquainted with each other and the firm's attorneys. Organized events, such as a weekend in Catalina, a night at a Newport Beach resort, and dinners at attorneys' homes, as well as informal lunches and dinners around town, provide our summer associates with exposure to the many attractions of Southern California.

Please see what past summer associates have to say about our program:

Kyle Batter USC 2014 | Newport Beach Summer Associate
“I split my summer between Irell & Manella and another highly respected firm. It’s fortunate I did, as it helped me to appreciate what makes Irell the unequivocal best-in-its-class. To begin with, the intellect of their attorneys is unparalleled, making Irell an ideal place to learn the craft of lawyering. From day one, Irell went to great lengths to make me feel like a highly valued member of their team. I was treated like a professional and given substantive, meaningful assignments. For instance: I was involved in a mediation over roughly $100 million, I attended a class action settlement presided over by a federal judge, and I attended numerous client meetings, to name but a few. And Irell didn't treat me as a mere bystander; on the contrary, I drafted portions of briefs, memos, and letters that went directly to clients, the court, or were otherwise used in high-stakes litigation. Perhaps most importantly, I made numerous close friends. Before starting my summer I was unsure of where I would ultimately call home. But it quickly became clear. Now I'm eager to start a long and meaningful legal career at Irell & Manella."

Curt Brown UCLA 2014 | Los Angeles Summer Associate
"I joined Irell & Manella LLP because I wanted the opportunity to work closely with the best. As a summer associate you will be staffed on the firm’s most important and exciting cases and receive extensive feedback from some of the firm’s most experienced attorneys. The firm also goes to great lengths to ensure that all summer associates are fully integrated into the firm. You are assigned a work coordinator, summer mentor and a partner mentor, all of whom are eager to help and mentor you. In addition, every attorney goes out of their way to take you to lunch and dinner and expose you to everything L.A. has to offer. The summer program at Irell ensures that every summer associate leaves with valuable experience and strong relationships with the associates and partners."

Casey Hultin | Berkeley 2014 | Los Angeles Summer Associate
"My summer at Irell was better than I ever could have imagined. I got to work on a wide variety of matters, and I even had client interaction on multiple cases. Irell does a great job of making sure that summer associates get to try out whatever they want. I did research memos on white collar cases, I also wrote a motion in limine for a patent case, and I had multiple opportunities to observe both deposition preparation and depositions themselves. Summer at Irell is also a lot of fun. As a San Francisco native, I got a great opportunity to fall in love with Los Angeles. All of the social activities also allowed me to really get to know everyone at Irell, to the point that many of the associates, not just the summers, became my friends outside of the office, too. Summer at Irell really cannot be beat in any way, shape, or form."

Morgan MacBride Northwestern 2014 | Los Angeles Summer Associate
"Irell’s summer program thoroughly affirmed my decision to come here. I was given, as promised, real work experience in a variety of different litigation practices with partners and associates alike. While the prospect of working for some of the most accomplished names in the industry did not come without some pressure, the attorneys I met were friendly and happy to discuss my projects and even review drafts and provide detailed feedback. I was also grateful for my work coordinator, who helped line up projects for me to work on without any delay in between. In addition to the great work, the social aspects of the firm are exceptional. There were invitations to attend lunch and dinner every day of the week, two weekend trips, and an intramural basketball league. Overall, I am very pleased with my decision to come to Irell and I am excited to return next fall."

Katie Seiden UCLA 2015 | Newport Beach Summer Associate
"I had a wonderful summer at Irell & Manella's Newport Beach office. The assignments I worked on were both fascinating and complex. My work coordinators were extremely attentive, and made sure that I had a constant stream of interesting projects but did not get overwhelmed. Knowing Irell's reputation, I was not surprised to find that the partners and associates I worked for were brilliant. I could not have anticipated, however, how kind, patient, and easygoing everybody was. I loved that the office has a wonderful, congenial atmosphere where people feel free to stop by each others' offices and say hello, and that I had the chance to engage with nearly everyone in the office during my summer. Additionally, I had the opportunity to get to know everybody through lunches and dinners, trips to Catalina and Terranea, and other social events. Anyone would be lucky to share in this experience."

Nicholas Spear Chicago 2014 | Los Angeles Summer Associate
"You can’t ask for a better summer experience than the Irell Summer Associate Program. I was given challenging legal work in a variety of fields, including patent, copyright, white collar, and securities. Getting work in a certain practice area was as simple as asking my work coordinator. I also got the chance to work on a pro bono project representing a family in adoption proceedings. Everyone treated me like I was an integral part of the team and people went out of their way to include me in things like client meetings and conference calls. Perhaps more importantly, Irell encourages summer associates to become part of the firm community. Associates are constantly taking summers out to lunch, dinner, and other events (one of which was a trip to the Hollywood Bowl to see Steve Martin’s Bluegrass band!). By the end of the summer I felt as close to many of the associates as I did to the other summers in my class. The Irell summer program is truly tailored to maximize each summer associate’s experience. I could not have had a more fulfilling summer."