Jonathan Waxman

Jonathan Waxman | Litigation Associate | Los Angeles

I came to Irell because I thought the firm would provide me with the opportunity to become a standout lawyer at an early stage in my career. The firm has done just that. In just over a year at the firm, I have already taken a deposition, drafted substantive motions and jury instructions, and had meaningful client contact. All of my work goes straight to partners on my cases, which allows me to learn directly from attorneys that have been practicing law for twenty to thirty years. Beyond the meaningful substantive work that I have done, I have already been given the opportunity to shape the direction of the firm. I serve on the Hiring Committee and Associates' Committee, in addition to conducting on-campus interviews. Finally, the community at Irell is unparalleled. Partners take an interest in associate development both professionally and personally. I have gone to dinners at partners’ houses and participated in various outings with partners and other associates. Needless to say, I think I am well on my way to becoming the standout lawyer that I envisioned when choosing Irell.         

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