Irell Technical Analysis Laboratory

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Irell & Manella LLP is home to the Technical Analysis Laboratory, a unique facility housed in our Los Angeles office. The lab allows us to quickly and inexpensively conduct product teardowns, scientific analysis, and massive simulations, entirely in-house. In our intellectual property practice, the lab helps our lawyers and scientists investigate infringement and validity on real products and conduct quantitative damages experiments all while saving our clients the considerable time and expense required to shop for experts and wait for outside results. By performing science in-house, Irell can deliver its clients litigation-focused results at low cost while other firms are still interviewing outside experts.

Prepare, cross-section, polish, and image microscopic structures such as integrated circuits, displays, and microfluidic systems.
Dissemble, examine, test, reverse-engineer and reassemble a wide range of consumer and electronic products.
Capture and analyze signals from within electronic equipment using network analyzers, logic analyzers, a high-speed oscilloscope, and data loggers.
Perform novel, high-accuracy product measurements to quantify the contributions of individual features.
Compile, run, and test software, including mobile software, in a wide variety of virtual and isolated environments. Irell maintains a library of historical operating systems and development tools for analyzing prior art from the past thirty years.
Analyze the internals of software through static and dynamic analysis using both industry-standard and custom tools.
Prepare detailed images for trial and negotiations for macro and micro-scale objects, in visible, infrared, and thermal spectra.
Extract and analyze forensically-sound disk images from desktop and notebook computers. This process can find hidden and even deleted data from a user’s computer.
Store, update, and analyze massive datasets using statistical, relational, and machine-learning techniques. The lab also maintains an in-house patent database that allows automated analysis of massive patent portfolios.
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