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Settlement for Future Link Systems in Patent Case Against Intel


Irell & Manella LLP obtained a settlement for Future Link Systems LLC, resolving a patent dispute against Intel Corp. involving high-volume microprocessors.

In 2014, Intel sued Future Link seeking a declaratory judgment that neither Intel nor any of its customers infringed nine of Future Link's patents. Future Link counterclaimed for infringement of seven of the patents Intel put at issue. Additionally, Irell asserted infringement of eight other Future Link patents. In total, every one of Intel’s high-volume processors sold within the last eight years was accused of infringing multiple patents.

Irell obtained favorable claim construction rulings, defeated two rounds of summary judgment motions and most recently convinced the court to reject every one of Intel’s Daubert motions. With trial scheduled to begin next month, Intel had not managed to remove a single claim of a single patent from the case. On August 21, after three years of litigation, Intel agreed to a confidential settlement.

The team included Ben Hattenbach, Morgan Chu, Amy Proctor, Thomas Barr, Dominik Slusarczyk, Charlotte Wen, Tony Rowles and Ian Washburn. 

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