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Los Angeles

Irell & Manella's Los Angeles office is located in Century City, a major commercial center with easy commutes to residential areas and nearby cultural activities.


From the Newport Beach Office:

  • Turn right from the driveway onto Santa Maria Rd. and proceed for 0.1 mi.
  • Turn right onto Newport Center Dr. and proceed for 0.1 mi.
  • Turn right onto Santa Barbara Dr. and proceed for 0.5 mi.
  • Turn right onto Jamboree Rd. and proceed for 2.7 mi.
  • Take the Corona Del Mar Freeway (73) north and proceed for 2.9 mi.
  • Transition to the San Diego Freeway (I-405) north and proceed for 44.1 mi.
  • Exit at Santa Monica Blvd. and turn right; proceed on Santa Monica Blvd. for 1.9 mi.
  • Turn right on Avenue of the Stars and turn left into the first driveway (underneath the pedestrian bridge).

From LAX:

  • Turn right on Sepulveda Blvd. and proceed for 0.9 mi.
  • Take the Glenn M. Anderson ( Century) Freeway (I-105) east for 1.6 mi.
  • Transition to the San Diego Freeway (I-405) north; continue on transition road for 1.1 mi.
  • Continue north on the San Diego Freeway (I-405) for 9.0 miles.
  • Exit at Santa Monica Blvd. and turn right; proceed on Santa Monica Blvd. for 1.9 mi.
  • Turn right on Avenue of the Stars and turn left into the first driveway (underneath the pedestrian bridge).

Professionals In This Office

Christopher AbernethyPartnerT: 310-203-7028PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Brian AndersonAssociateT: 310-203-7563PhoneF: 310-317-7238vCard
Alaina BirdAssociateT: 310-203-7511PhoneF: 310-317-7263vCard
Richard M. BirnholzPartnerT: 310-203-7052PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Richard H. BorowPartner EmeritusT: 310-203-7100PhoneF: 310-282-5601vCard
Elliot N. BrownPartnerT: 310-203-7061PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Louis M. CastruccioPartner EmeritusT: 310-203-7595PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Elliot Z. ChenAssociateT: 310-203-7193PhoneF: 310-556-5267vCard
Morgan ChuPartnerT: 310-203-7000PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Grace E. ChuchlaAssociateT: 310-203-7650PhoneF: 310-556-5251vCard
Mitchell S. CohenPartnerT: 310-203-7579PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Casey M. CurranAssociateT: 310-203-7963PhoneF: 310-556-5327vCard
Todd DensenAssociateT: 310-203-7592PhoneF: 310-317-7241vCard
Lauren DrakeAssociateT: 310-203-7043PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Charles E. ElderCounselT: 310-203-7942PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Elliot FreierPartnerT: 310-203-7055PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Gary FrischlingPartnerT: 310-203-7597PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Martin Gelfand (1941-2018)T: 310-203-7616PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
David I. GindlerPartnerT: 310-203-7106PhoneF: 310-556-5206vCard
Joshua GlucoftAssociateT: 310-203-7189PhoneF: 310-556-5308vCard
Talin GordniaAssociateT: 310-203-7038PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Josh B. GordonCounselT: 310-203-7040PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Justin M. GreerAssociateT: 310-203-7512PhoneF: 310-317-7267vCard
Michael HarbourAssociateT: 310-203-7527PhoneF: 310-277-1010vCard
Benjamin W. HattenbachPartnerT: 310-203-7937PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Alan J. HeinrichPartnerT: 310-203-7958PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Milton B. HymanPartner EmeritusT: 310-203-7145PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Edebeatu C. IbekwePartner EmeritusT: 310-203-7964PhoneF: 310-556-5350vCard
Iian D. JablonPartnerT: 310-203-7187PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Victor JihPartnerT: 310-203-7508PhoneF: 310-556-5254vCard
Leah JohannessonAssociateT: 310-203-7625PhoneF: 310-282-5613vCard
Jonathan S. KaganPartnerT: 310-203-7092PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Sandra G. KanengiserPartner EmeritusT: 310-203-7657PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Michael W. KaplanPartnerT: 310-203-7083PhoneF: 310-282-5797vCard
Gregory B. KleinPartnerT: 310-203-7177PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Andrew KrauseAssociateT: 310-203-7668PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Matthew O. KussmanAssociateT: 310-203-7908PhoneF: 310-556-5339vCard
Moon Hee LeeAssociateT: 310-203-7531PhoneF: 310-317-7283vCard
Daniel P. LeflerPartner EmeritusT: 310-203-7932PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Joan L. LesserPartner EmeritusT: 310-203-7577PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Jason LinderPartnerT: 310-203-7640PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
John P. LongAssociateT: 310-203-7622PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Samuel K. LuPartnerT: 310-203-7948PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Yite John LuAssociateT: 310-203-7556PhoneF: 310-556-5240vCard
Marc S. MaisterPartnerT: 949-760-5283PhoneF: 949-760-5200vCard
Steven A. MarenbergPartnerT: 310-203-7547PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Kevin McGeehanPartner EmeritusT: 310-203-7110PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Harry A. MittlemanPartnerT: 310-203-7141PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Ashok W. MukheyPartnerT: 310-203-7139PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
David NimmerOf CounselT: 310-203-7079PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Keith A. OrsoPartnerT: 310-203-7917PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Stephen M. PayneAssociateT: 310-203-7638PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Amy E. ProctorAssociateT: 310-203-7961PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Joel RabinovitzPartner EmeritusT: 310-203-7551PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Jeffrey M. ReisnerPartnerT: 949-760-5242PhoneF: 949-760-5200vCard
Tony RowlesAssociateT: 310-203-7635PhoneF: 310-556-5369vCard
Molly RussellAssociateT: 310-203-7634PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
David A. SchwarzPartnerT: 310-203-7943PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Adam M. ShapiroAssociateT: 310-203-7631PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Jason G. SheasbyPartnerT: 310-203-7096PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
David SiegelPartnerT: 310-203-7129PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Dominik SlusarczykAssociateT: 310-203-7945PhoneF: 310-556-5335vCard
Gregory R. SmithPartner EmeritusT: 310-203-7687PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Sharon SongAssociateT: 310-203-7507PhoneF: 310-556-5346vCard
S. Adina StohlAssociateT: 310-203-7912PhoneF: 310-556-5347vCard
Andrew J. StraboneAssociateT: 310-203-7923PhoneF: 310-556-5315vCard
Michael H. Strub Jr.CounselT: 949-760-5231PhoneF: 949-760-5200vCard
Paul D. SwansonPartnerT: 310-203-7030PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Daniel R. SwittsAssociateT: 310-203-7944PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Steven ThomasPartnerT: 310-203-7694PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Colin ThompsonAssociateT: 310-203-7639PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Elizabeth C. TuanAssociateT: 310-203-7672PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Conor TuckerAssociateT: 310-203-7553PhoneF: 310-317-7287vCard
Ellisen Shelton TurnerManaging PartnerT: 310-203-7901PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Glenn K. VanzuraPartnerT: 310-203-7124PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Craig I. VarnenPartnerT: 310-203-7550PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Jane Shay WaldPartner EmeritusT: 310-203-7017PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Ian R. WashburnPartnerT: 310-203-7108PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Jonathan B. WaxmanAssociateT: 310-203-7674PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Eric A. WebberPartnerT: 310-203-7623PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Maclain WellsCounselT: 310-203-7565PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Charlotte J. WenAssociateT: 310-203-7541PhoneF: 310-282-5761vCard
Thomas C. WernerAssociateT: 310-203-7956PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Bruce A. WesselPartnerT: 310-203-7045PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Ian WienerPartnerT: 310-203-7637PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Richard C. WirthlinPartnerT: 310-203-7586PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard
Hong (Annita) ZhongOf CounselT: 310-203-7183PhoneF: 310-203-7199vCard